Class schedules and class venue

【SHODEN】- 1st level -

* You will learn a basic knowledge about Reiki history and Reiki Ryoho ( hands-on healing art).
* You will be initiated into Reiki by means of "Reiju" or attunement, and you will be able to channel Reiki energy. From this time on, Reiki energy will flow through out your hands and do a fine job of healing.

  • ◆ Shoden class is done in one session.
  • ◆ Four Reiju or attunements will be given.
  • ◆ Class hours: 5 hours-5 1/2 hours
  • ◆ Fee: 20,000 yen

【CHUDEN】 -2nd.level-

* You will learn Shirushi (Reiki symbols).
* With the use of these Reiki symbols Reiki healing will become more practical and beneficial.
* You will learn how to do "distant healing."

  • ◆ Chuden class is done in one session
  • ◆ Four Reiju (attunements) will be given
  • ◆ Class hours: 4 hours.-4 1/2 hours
  • ◆ Fee: 20,000 yen

*NOTE: A refresher course (class) for Shoden and Chuden costs 1,000 yen respectively.

【OKUDEN】 -3rd.level-

* You will enter the inner teaching of Reiki Ryoho.
* The focus is on the spiritaul cultivation and growth
*You will leran one more final Shirushi(Reiki symbol).
* Okuden is intended for those who would like to walk on a spiritual path of Reiki Ryoho to attain Satori (enlightenment) and/or for a Teache r(Shihan) candidate. .

  • ◆ Okuden class is done in one session, but a student is recommended to take a refresher course.
  • ◆ Two Reiju (attunements) will be given.
  • ◆ Class hours: 6 - 7 hours
  • ◆ Fee: 50,000 yen

*NOTE: A refresher course is free of charge.


* There are some criteria of becoming a Teacher(Shihan).
* Please inquire about the details.

  • ◆ A two day-course. (Two afternoon classes)
  • ◆ Fee 100,000 yen

【Class Schedules】【Class Venue】

Every "Tuesday through Saturday" afternoon
Class hours : basically 1:00 pm. - 5:30pm. vary according to the level. Please inquire.

A special class on the 4th Sunday (afternoon class ) can be arranged. Please ask us.

The class venue is Karasuma/Marutamachi in cenral Kyoto. A minute walk from Maruta-machi subway station exit # 6. Address: Room #706 Towa City Square Karasuma-marutamachi, 245-1 Shoshoi-cho, Karasuma-dori, Ebisugawa-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0862

◆From JR Kyoto station; Transfer to the subway bound for "Kokusai Kaikan".. Your stop is "MARUTA-MACHI ", station # K07. The rear cars (Car #6, #5 and #4 ) of a subway train is convenient to Exit #6 of South Ticket Gates of Maruta-machi subway station. It is an 8 minute-train ride from Kyoto sbuway station to Marutamachi station.

◆ Directions: .Go to Exit # 6 of South Ticket Gates, then walk up to the ground level. Make right., . The second building with blue tiles from the Exit # 6 ... is "Towa City Square Karasuma-Marutamachi" building. the class venue is the room # 706 of the building. The entance door is kept open during the day except Sundays and holidays. On Sundays and National holidays you have to press the key 7 0 6 and "call" 呼 at the entrance.
After entering the building you find two elevators, please take one on your left and to the 7th floor where Room #706 is located.

◆From Hankyu Line "Karasuma" station; Transfer to the subway, "Shijo" station. Your stop is "MARUTA-MACHI ", station # K07. (It's a 4-minute train ride from Shijo to Marutamachi.) Please refer to the directions above mentioned.